This text presents the 3 Laws of the universal Ellania Heroes deriving from SIRIUS the womb of our creation and belonging to the sacred balance of the divine Creation originating from ALPHA and OMEGA.

The three Laws are: 1) The Law of Absolute and Utter Restoration, 2) The Law of Simulation, and 3) The Law of Publicity. As Heroes honouring their true genus of Ellania Creation, their duty is to undertake missions whenever and wherever it is necessary to reverse and revert any apostasy incurred and to implement Creation’s Divine Design by always incorporating the 12 Oaths- Laws/Values within each of the three universal Laws and always functioning as one wholeness unit.

When executed, these Laws apply to every individual IOTA human creation, the Space, the environment, all time periods, dimensions, planes and levels and function as hyper-attributes for the sacred balance of our true and unique Creation.