Within the galaxies, there are billions of solar systems and these solar systems have precisely the same absolute and true structure, that is, 1 fixed sun (fixed means that it does not revolve from its position) and 12 planets. Once again, the divine and unique synthesis of our Ellanian Creation is executed and complies with what 13 (the unique and uttermost 13) inscribes.


All of the completed solar systems belonging to the only true Ellanian Creation are 12 + 1 or 1 + 12 = 13 THIRTEEN, the absolute, true, creative and sacred total of our divine and Nomoteleian* Creation deriving from the ALPHAS and OMEGA. Within the womb of SIRIUS, all IOTA creations are created in the core of SIRIUS’ Upsilon «υ» with a dodecahedron (12) foundation and a single 13th point. All of the vertices are united and essentially, the dodecahedron of SIRIUS becomes 13 THIRTEEN. As a result, absolutely all of the created IOTA creations carry the marks, structure, construction and synthesis of 13 THIRTEEN, the 13th OMEGA Himself.

The primordial structure of the human’s nervous system bears 12 central nerves in a concentric alignment that unite with the one and single central nerve, the 13th. This 13th nerve unites all 12 nerves with the human brain. Ellene humans, can you perceive this divine, unique, true and creative application?

Can you perceive the unique, true and creative synthesis and connection, but also the composition of 13 THIRTEEN? Can you perceive this pan-sacred code arithmos and the cosmic and creative inscription of our complete human and Ellanian creation? This unique and creative cosmic and universal application and expression occurs in many sectors and parts of our human Soma* as well as our physical body (Sarkio). Additionally, it occurs in our entire visible and invisible cosmos, both tangible and intangible cosmoses, as well as in our environment.

How is it possible that the Ellene humans – whose structure, composition and synthesis adhere to 13 which they bear within and upon them and whose entire creative environment bears the code 13, “The One”, the 13th OMEGA – allow the apostatic and vile fiends of chaos, along with all of their servants, dogmatic priesthoods and vile mechanisms to hide, curse, distort, paraphrase and misrepresent this uttermost pan-sacred 13 THIRTEEN? And as mentioned, 13 is the sacred code of the composition, synthesis and structure of our true and Nomoteleian Ellanian existence and of our complete, true and unique Ellanian Creation deriving from the ALPHAS and OMEGA the 13th.


PAGES: 23-25