“The Hierarchy of the 9 NINE” is the primordial, entire, complete structure and wholeness of the composition and synthesis of the 9 divine Ellania and Nomoteleia Creation that derives from The Absolute Unit 1. This Hierarchy is much before OLYMPUS* and ADAMANTA* .

This pan-sacred* definition is phrased in this way so that you can understand the stages and the ancientness of the Hierarchy of the 9 as well as all the other absolute and true hierarchies that structure and construct the divine Ellania Creation.

We are separating Cosmogony from Theogony without defining and illustrating their ranks and hierarchies. This is unjust for the creative Values and hyper-attributes, but also unjust for us as Ellene humans in understanding our Ellania self-knowledge We must always define the limits of the planes and levels* we are referring to, analysing or discussing, and what stages of the hierarchy of Creation we are referring to.

Even though we are referring to limits that we use as a basis in order to grasp and consequently expand our discussion, analysis and breakdown, essentially there are no limits regarding the absolute and true definition of Creation. The Ellania Creation of the Hierarchy of the 9 originating from The Absolute Unit 1 is limitless, vast and infinite of Infinity.

We, as Ellene humans, place these limits up until the plane and level that we want to ascend towards and retrieve. However, we must always keep in mind that these limits are ours and not part of the infinite of Infinity divine Ellania Creation of the Hierarchy of the 9. And for this reason, we state that Cosmogony is older than our Theogony.

In essence, however, this does not apply. If we didn’t have Theogony far and beyond the creation of the Ellania cosmoses and the Ellania cosmic-clusters, how and who would execute Ellania Cosmogony? Therefore, at the peak of the hierarchies and the supreme ranks, we have Theogony before Cosmogony, as it’s composed, synthesised and connected to the structure and construction of our Ellanios Cosmos 600 and the appearance of divine Ellania Creation containing all divine Ellania IOTA* creations, up until the Ellene Human, who is the 7th Ellanio creation.

And so, Cosmogony is composed by and has its absolute synthesis with its Theogony. On the other hand, Cosmogony — as the absolute and creative cause of its own creation — also composes and synthesises Theogony, for the creation of our 9 divine and Ellania Creation.

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