You are within the Aim and Purpose of the Idea from the beginning, irrespective when and how the completion of this Idea will be proven.

Therefore, every Idea contains the Aim and Purpose of its creation. This means that an Idea without an Aim and Purpose is non-existent. In this case, it would be something apostate with a devious and dark purpose.

Evidently, the Aim and Purpose together with Idea are a wholeness. When we analyse the geometric synthesis of the code Aim-Purpose (pron. Stohos & Skopos) we will discover the following:

Evidently, the final cosmic-result of the code Aim and Purpose is 8 EIGHT, which is the highly-sacred code of creative INFINITY.
When we see the wholeness Aim-Purpose-Idea we will prove the base and foundations of their creation, shown below:

We observe that the wholeness Aim & Purpose of the Idea brings the highly-sacred code 13 THIRTEEN in its composition and synthesis. It is the first and largest creative code arithmos* of divine Ellania Creation.

Let’s not forget that we also have the wholeness of the Justness of the Idea. From the beginning, you contain the truth of the Justness of Idea “even if you do not know this initially”. So, what is it that the apostasy doesn’t have????? AN IDEA!!! Along with everything else an Idea contains within its complete-wholeness creation.

The least the apostasy does with all of its apostate servants is copy older Ideas which have been completed and proven through the Evidential Process. The worst that they can do is tamper, forge, misrepresent and adjust the truths of older Just and creative Ellania Ideas with devious apostate methods, or otherwise, supposedly try to prove the older and already proven Ideas as their own within the apostate time of oblivion/lethe as if it was their discovery. Although this is something ridiculous and devious caused by vile beings and fiends who have no relation to the human being (Anthropos*), in the end, these are not even Ideas.

Excerpt taken from the Sacred Ellanian Texts. DOWNLOAD FREE FROM HERE


PAGES 10 – 11