They betrayed the keys of the forces and the abilities of their creation and surrendered them to the apostatic forces to their apostatic collaborators and the ellene humans became apostates by agreeing with the apostates for pseudo exchanges out of curiosity «hidden oblivion where you believe whatever you are told about it» conceit bigotry arrogance and any pseudo deceitful agreements which the apostates produce between themselves and the former ellene human now an apostate it is impossible for the apostate to ever abide by their agreement they have no boundaries whatsoever they have no values no principles they are chaos itself formulated and always operate as such to grab whatever they can now they will promise you anything until you surrender or submit thereafter you are their captive their slave there is nothing they can give you everything they have is stolen and does not belong to them therefore what intelligent being and especially an ellene human would become an apostate? to gain what exactly? to benefit in what way?

«it is true that many ellene humans and ellene kings betrayed and as apostates they allied with the trojans with the apostates and they fought against our ellanian heroes against the ellene humans against all the creative divine forces in this trojan war» there is no city on gaia demeter artemis called troy a city is defined by the ellene human polites and there is no such ellanian code name of a city as the name troy the use of the word troy denotes the name of the alliance of all the apostatic forces of all the unearthly filthy vile deformed genera of all the modified creatures over thousands of years that tried to earth somewhere within the space of our creation and inherited the results of their vile experiments the alliance of all the horrid creatures of all the discounted demons which they have captured throughout thousands of years


PAGES 28-31