To make it clearly understood, I want you to think of a human traitor 2,000 years ago. One is enough, although there are thousands, but let us work with the one in reference. This traitor, who yielded and surrendered themself, produced 5 FIVE offspring, or consider as many as you want, it does not matter as long as you realise the magnitude, in order to understand what happens today and the dramatic downfall of the human and the whole of humanity.

Therefore, we have a traitor 2,000 years ago, or 5,000 or 50,000 years ago or 100,000 years ago or 200,000 years ago. I will leave all the other calculations to you. Now I will remain at 2,000 years. So, this one traitor produced 5 FIVE offspring during their 25 or 30-year age span. The 5 FIVE offspring produced on average 5 FIVE offspring each, a total of 25 offspring. The 25 offspring in the next 25 to 30 years produced 5 FIVE offspring each on average. So, we have 25 x 5 = 125 offspring up to the 3 third generation. We have reached approximately 75 years. Let us suppose that the first one has died, 125 – 1 = 124. The 125 offspring produced 5 FIVE offspring each, 125 x 5 = 625 offspring. We have reached 100 years and the five ancestors have died. There are 625 – 5 = 620 offspring remaining who each produce 5 offspring on average, 620 x 5 = 3,100 offspring. The next 25 ancestors die and there are 3,100 – 25 = 3,075 offspring remaining and we are only in the fifth generation which means between 125 to 130 years.

From this point on, I hand the numbers and the answers to you so they are yours. Can you imagine the numbers and figurestoday, after 2,000 years? And how all these offspring and some ancestors maintain the betrayal, the apostasy and the whole dark, fake tactic, dogmatic technique and falsehood outside their true creation and existence, far from their true unique Creators but also from all the truths of their construction and appearance in the cosmos* of their hydor-based creation (see hydor* in the glossary). With the same method and apostatic techniques, they themselves continue to surrender, betray, murder, and oppress their creations, their offspring, their descendants and successors of their illegal existence, outside of Nomoteleia* and against their nature, their substance, their existence, their creation and the whole creation of their environment, visible and invisible, tangible and intangible.

Now, if you add more than one traitor you will realise with accuracy what happens today and how the human (Anthropos) and the whole planet has reached this dreadful situation. Some, but perhaps everyone, must learn the truths, accept the elements and proof to understand and comprehend (Katanoesis and Noesis) the aim and purpose of our existence, the design of Creation which belongs to all of us, because it is a common design for all of us, to comprehend and acquire self-knowledge. With logic and evidential confirmation, we are to condemn our ancestor traitor and every traitor of our creation and the bios of all creations. To stop our demise, fight against the inculcations and implants which have been imposed. We are to see with an open and clear mind and Noesis* first of all, who we are and not what they tell us and no one has ever proved to us – where did we come from? With which process? For what reason? What do we have to do? Which is the Divine Design of our Creator?


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