“The Politeia is not what humans in their lethe/oblivion* believe it to be. They think that the Politeia is their everyday Polis (City) and specifically, a Polis which they did not create and inscribe themselves. Many believe that the Polis is not theirs, does not belong to them and is something foreign. Due to necessity or force, they remain or relocate among these Poleis (Cities)”.

Consequently, humans think that every Polis built by the apostates and their dark and lifeless laws is also their Politeia. This cannot be further from the truth.

Today, these apostates have deviously divided and separated the entire planet into geographical segments with flags that represent private corporations. Additionally, they invented their names/labels without any truth or historical basis, something they themselves don’t have. As a result, every individual passport, travel document and ID card of these private corporations, deceitfully refer to the code “Politis” (Citizen). These fiends have great audacity and their apostasy has truly set off alarm bells.

Moreover, with their profound audaciousness and shameless absurdity, they award their own arch-apostates from Polisto Polis and from corporation to corporation (so-called countries or States) with pseudo “shiny” plaques that these apostate fiends call “awards”, bestowing the title of an “honorary Citizen” (Politis). My oh my, what have these historically illiterate fiends done! These vultures and fiends award entire Cities within their exclusive circles, bestowing titles of the “best” Politeia or the “cleanest” Politeia as they choose. “This occurs within all this disorder, within all this apostasy, within all this filth and deceit! And yet, the humans applaud these titles, awards and nonsense. They are satisfied because their Politeia received an award. If this isn’t a perfect example of virtual reality, what is?!”

Consequently, you should realise that all the above isirrelevant and at a great distance (apostasy) from the true Politis and the true, creative and Ellania Politeia. They are even further away from the attribute of the absolute complete-wholeness unit Ι of “ISOPOLITEIA”.

Excerpt taken from the Sacred Ellanian Texts. DOWNLOAD FREE FROM HERE


PAGES 9 – 10