Therefore, how is it even possible to be afraid of your ΑΘΑΝΑΣΙΑ (Mortality), which also contains your death? Your death is the same as being asleep, which is something you experience throughout your life. Your death gives you your new life and bios, just like the next day when you wake up and are full of energy. Therefore, how is it possible to be afraid of your own life that death gives you? It is like being afraid of waking up the next day in order to live. Therefore, it is like being afraid of your own life and all the days of your life and bios. This is when you truly live and experience the Immortality of your life and bios.

You have agreed with this creative and mutual cycle regarding the complete-wholeness of your life and bios: awake and asleep, “Immortality and Mortality”. Many times – almost every time – you try to have a fair, comfortable and quiet sleep. This means that you protect your Mortality and you experience it for almost half of your life and bios during the length of your incarnation. You are happy when you sleep well. Therefore, you acknowledge your Mortality (your sleep) as something that belongs to you, without realising the size of its grandeur or the essence of its structure and composition. You also acknowledge the code of the attribute of your composition and synthesis – your Immortality – which you live and experience every day when you are awake. When you live and experience your Immortality in your above cosmos, you make choices and act by creating a project or projects (actions, works etc.), whether they be just or unjust. This occurs only when you are awake, in your Immortality, for as long as you live and experience in the above cosmos of your Creation. You do not act and execute your choices in your below cosmos – in your Mortality, i.e. in your sleep.

However, the maturity of Time will come where you will live and experience outside of your above cosmos, and you will experience your Mortality. This is a necessity so that the cycle of the complete- wholeness Immortality-Mortality can be completed, as if it was a whole day-night (24 hours), whose wholeness contains both day and night. Every night is followed by day, and every day is followed by night. This eternal cycle of two wholenesses is an infinite cycle of wholenesses that belongs to the hierarchies of the complete- wholeness unit of the complete Whole.

Excerpt taken from the Sacred Ellanian Texts. DOWNLOAD FREE FROM HERE THE HIERARCHY OF THE 9 NINE

PAGES 189 – 190