All the forces that assembled for Creation* are the forces of Infinity. All of these forces have infinite abilities, from the ALPHA entities to OMEGA Himself. Creation’s initial design is the entire Infinity and the forces that exist within Infinity — including all entities and hyper-entities — to be incorporated into the infinite creation of Infinity. Consequently, they will all create their own Nomoteleia* IOTA* creations within Nomoteleia Creation (equal for everyone and everything). With Free-Will, all must adhere to the Laws–Oaths and rules of initial Creation so that they can live and always be within Creation and their creations; within Infinity and for Infinity.

It is important to note that Infinity has infinite ranks. When someone refers to Infinity from a specific plane & level, dimension or planet, Infinity differs from level to level, dimension to dimension, entity to entity, human to human and the perception of each.

The closest meaning of Infinity for someone is something they cannot count or define. For example, if I was to ask you “How many grains of sand exist upon planet Gaia*?”, your answer would be “An infinite amount”. This is your answer, since you cannot define or count them. However, in essence, this amount is not infinite for someone else. A specific number exists and can be defined since all grains of sand exist upon planet Gaia — which itself is already measured and defined from start to end. Therefore, the grains of sand can’t be infinite. The grains of sand are a huge amount, but can be defined and contain an arithmetical result. They have a start and an end, therefore in essence, they are not infinite. However, for you, they are.

You live upon planet “Gaia” and in the galaxy “Eridanus”. It is not possible to know how many planets exist within your galaxy. You don’t have the capabilities to count them or even count the number of galaxies your universe “ARTEMIS” contains. On your level, this gives you the ability to say that the universe is infinite (which for you, it is). What is infinite for you, for another entity, force, hyper-entity or on another level of Cosmic-Life, isn’t infinite. These know, and are able to define and count the planets; not only the planets of your galaxy, but of other galaxies as well. Or they may even feel (Niosis) that your universe is one particle IOTA belonging to an entire cosmos.

So, depending on the position of Cosmic-Life of Creation and our creation, Infinity varies. In this way, every Infinity has another Infinity above and below it, and each one after, another Infinity above and below that. So, whichever Infinity you look at, whichever Infinity you exist in, you are always within “infinity of Infinity”. This is why it is infinite. As a IOTA creation, whatever Infinity you exist in, your creations will also be infinite.

Excerpt taken from the Sacred Ellanian Texts. DOWNLOAD FREE FROM HERE


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