Therefore, the attribute of our creative ISOPOLITEIA is the absolute and true complete-wholeness, synthesis and connection of our complete Whole. Everything becomes “1 ONE”, a complete- wholeness unit Ι and this is our complete and total creative Whole, our ATOMO.

Therefore, every Politeia in its natural and creative environment must have Equality and Isozygia (balance)* with the cosmic Politeia “Epoch” and the creative complete-wholeness of the cosmic-Politeia that it belongs to. Consequently, it is essential that the Politeia acknowledges the wholeness of its creative ISOPOLITEIA and that it has ISOPOLITEIA with the womb of its creation, the wholeness of the divine and highly-sacred cosmic-Polities. This is the “Divine Design” of the complete creation of the Ellene Human Polites: to create their own divine creation through their highly-sacred same and equal Polities within the already created and divine cosmic-Polities that exist within the absolute, true and creative framework of The Absolute Time 1 ONE.

The Politeia of the Polites always creates with ISOPOLITEIA, and it always utilises the highly-sacred, uttermost, absolute and creative hyper-attribute of our divine and Ellania creation: ISODYNAMIA

The infinite hyper-forces and hyper-abilities of the hyper-attribute of ISODYNAMIA give infinite divine, creative and free forces to the Politeia of the Polites so they can truly and infinitely create within their vast and limitless Ellanios Cosmos 600 with the limitless and infinite ascension and advancement of their creative Ideas
This is always within the absolute and creative framework of The Absolute Time 1 ONE.

ISOPOLITEIA is the symmetry of the wholeness of the Polities. All Polities are asymmetric among each other as well as different and unique. Their wholeness, however, is the symmetry of their ISOPOLITEIA.

In other words, upon the entire Gaia-Demeter-Artemis, the Polities are symmetrical in terms of their wholeness together with all their asymmetric, different and unique Polites “Ellene Humans” as a total.

Thus, the Politeia has asymmetric Polites, and their harmonious and creative total creates the symmetry wholeness of their ISOPOLITEIA.

Now, regarding the relationship from Politeia to Politeia, Polities are asymmetrical, unique and different among each other. However, in their creative and highly-sacred Harmony, their total is the wholeness of their symmetry. For this highly-sacred, collective and creative process to be completed, all Polities must have ISOPOLITEIA among and in-between each other.

The wholeness of the ISOPOLITEIA of all Polities belonging to the Polites upon Gaia-Demeter-Artemis must also have ISOPOLITEIA with the complete-wholeness of the highly-sacred, complete and creative cosmic-Polities of our Ellanios Cosmos 600.

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PAGES 12 – 13