The lucky game roulette which was invented by the apostates… “As I have previously analysed and proven, luck (pron. tychi) does not exist. And since luck does not exist and is an invention of the ridiculous apostates, there is no such thing as epitychia (translated as success) because this word means epi (the preposition of upon) and tychi (luck), meaning, something that is upon luck which cannot exist. Instead of epitychia, we have the words completion, finalisation and more.

Naturally, eutychia (translated as happiness) cannot exist either because this means luck (tychi) that is just (eu). Since luck does not exist, how can something non-existent contain justness? Moreover, there is no such thing as dustychia (translated as bad fortune) because this means that the non-existent luck invented by the apostates has stricken us twice (dus/deuce/duo = two)”.

So, the devious game of roulette has 36 numbers. Is this by chance??? Why did they invent it with 36 numbers and not 42, 32, 35, 45 and so many other numbers? Because they put you, the Ellene human, to gamble with the sacred code of your 9 NINE Ellanian Creation and compete against 666, the code of your synthesis.

Essentially, you try to win by beating your own self. To hurt, insult, anger, perform acts of hubris and violate your own self. Generally, in the end, you are always the loser and fall further into your oblivion and non-existence.

Excerpt taken from the Sacred Ellanian Texts. DOWNLOAD FREE FROM HERE THE COSMIC HELIACAL ORALOI