We will be starting with the code Hierarchy «ΙΕΡΑΡΧΕΙΑ». ΙΕΡΑΡΧΕΙΑ etymologically means the “Sacred Archives”: Sacred «ΙΕΡΑ» (pron. Iera [Plural] with Iero or Ieros to be the singular form. Also look up: Hier- or Hiero-). And Archives «ΑΡΧΕΙΑ» (pron. Archeia [Plural] Archeio [Singular]).

Note: In the Greek language, the word “Archeia” comes from the word “Arche” «ΑΡΧΗ», meaning “beginning” as well as “principle”. You may consult the terms “Archon” and “Pan- sacred” in the Glossary for additional help, regarding this etymological analysis.

Anything that is Sacred, means it is absolute, true, secure, permanent, one of a kind, sole, unique and indisputable. They are the things that no one and nothing can change, alter or corrupt. They can never be re-created. Put simply, what is/are sacred is/are absolute, unique and true. This is what “Sacred” means.

Regarding the word Archives (in connection with the word Sacred), it means that only with these unique principles (whose Sacred Archives are the sacred units of hyper-attributes, of sacred Laws, of hyper- cosmic hyper-forces and of hyper-abilities) and with sacred, secure, absolute and true foundations, the beginning (Arche) can start. Anything that is created after this Arche belongs to the Sacred Archive of the Arche, the Sacred Archive of the Hier-Arche (Hierarchy). Here of course (within the Sacred Archives of the Hierarchy), ranks, ranks upon ranks, planes and levels are formed throughout the entire sacred and hyper-cosmic cosmic-ascension of the ranks belonging to the Hierarchy.

Excerpt taken from the Sacred Ellanian Texts. DOWNLOAD FREE FROM HERE THE HIERARCHY OF THE 9 NINE

PAGES 48 – 49