So a triad of infinity – wholeness unit of infinity – in our infinite environment which we are all part of, we see and know the infinite cosmos of the celestial bodies and all of nature, with all its creations, which are 7 SEVEN.

In an order of absolute Nomoteleian Creation, they are the following:

  1. Fish
  2. Plants (trees, vegetation, bushes, flowers and generally all flora of
    all applications and formations of Creation).
  3. Insects of all applications in the execution of Creation (not the
    hybrid or apostatic ones which the apostates have produced till this
  4. Reptiles of all creative applications of Creation (and not the kinds
    which the apostates promote and are mutations and distortions of
  5. Mammals, the whole scale of fauna and application of Creation
    (and not the hybrid models which the apostates have constructed and
    genetically modified).
  6. Birds. The whole scale of Creation, which was applied and
    executed in nature and the entire environment (and not the hybrid
    kinds and models which the apostates have constructed and modified
    by stealing the original substance, genes and particles of the
  7. The 7th seventh creation of the complete environment of Creation,
    the Ellene* human, the intellectual being of the 7th seventh level of
    the Ellanian Creation, the last one. (See The 7th Plane and Level of

It does not mean this is the last. The 7 SEVEN is the first as a cause and the causality in order for all the previous ones to be created including all the environment, universes, galaxies, solar systems, planets, with all the divine cosmic and hyper-cosmic components and frequencies and all the cosmic and universal mechanisms to be created, namely the wombs of universes and our own universe Artemis, SIRIUS. As a womb of universes to create, to give birth, to birth all IOTA creations of our entire environment, visible and invisible, tangible and intangible, and to reveal, to form all IOTA creations, to create all our environment, nature on the planets, on the already prepared solar systems with the first six creations.

Once all the environment is completed, the creation – the Ellene human being – is to be created, the Ellene Anthropos on the basis of an absolute creative Divine Design of the Creation of the ALPHAS and OMEGA as the 7th seventh absolute creation, the jewel, the most luminous creation – the Ellene.

Excerpt taken from the Sacred Ellanian Texts. DOWNLOAD FREE FROM HERE


PAGES 8 – 10