There are 2 types of apostate laws. These are the black and dark laws, and the lifeless laws:

  1. Black laws
  2. Lifeless laws

The black and dark apostate laws are the laws that have been written and imposed by the priesthoods, religions and dogmas of the apostate alliance TROY

The lifeless laws are all the laws of your everyday pseudo- governments that exist in all regions upon Gaia imposed through flags.

The only thing Gaia has is flags. There are no countries, homelands, States, Cities or Polities. There are only flags, and with everyday laws in the bio* and life of the human, they forever reign over humanity. The two laws, the black laws and the lifeless laws, reign upon all humans and their entire creative environment with precise apostate coordination between and within them. They have already created their apostate moulds so anything and anyone who is incarnated upon planet Gaia is already within the framework and nets of the apostasy, enslaved and held captive.

Both the black and lifeless laws maintain the continuous downfall of all humans and the entire planet within the oblivion and non- existence of Chaos. All humans upon Gaia obey and submit to these black and lifeless laws without any resistance, objection or disagreement. They accept and execute all of these apostate, abominable and vile – black laws and lifeless laws.

Within them, they know that all of these laws are not theirs and for the humans themselves. Nevertheless, they accept, obey and serve them. Time and again, they use them unjustly. Apart from the complete injustice that the black and lifeless laws produce on their own within the complete apostasy of Chaos currently occurring within the life and bio of the humans, thousands of other forms of injustice develop and evolve. These are constantly and always received by all humans in billions of apostate ways and methods.

As a result, they begin to see this prevalent and permanent injustice as sole and true, and that only this exists, renaming it Justice. Consequently, they convict as they please following devious preferences and ridiculous apostate priorities of who performed more injustice than the other. They place a hierarchy to the injustice of Injustice that they committed following the black and lifeless apostate laws of the apostates.

Excerpt taken from the Sacred Ellanian Texts. DOWNLOAD FREE FROM HERE


PAGES 28 – 29