OMEGA, who is the 13th (everything is 13 and only HE can be . There is no other OMEGA, only one), always pre-existed, ready, significant, stable and eternally moving. He took the great forces of Cosmogony and put them into an ordered and upright trinity symbolised by . He then directed these forces towards Chaos «ΑΟ», aiming «ΤΟΥ» and targeting «ΤΟΟΠΟΙΟΥ» the forces of Chaos. Then, based on design, He harnessed «ΑΛΙΑΓΓΗ» them and directed them using towards the “Light” = = (pron. Fos).

He enriched them with all forces and abilities of . Later, He put all of these united forces to produce “ABUNDANCE”

«ΑΟΙΑ» (an Ellania Value) symbolised by the symbol . The symbol has three angles of 1200 each: 1200 x 3 = 3600 = 3 + 6 + 0 = 9 NINE. The symbol reveals its open sides in all directions, towards all planes and levels*, abundantly directing Abundance everywhere. is for the 9 NINE “NEW” (En Nea) Creation.

Then, the symbol = Tau immediately reveals itself and symbolises the beginning of Creation (from the cosmic forces of Cosmogony) “standing tall”, set and a spectacle for all to see, ready to achieve completion.

Next, all the forces of (where , and are one and the same) took on ΟΗ = Flow/Flux based on the Laws, Nomoteleia and “Divine Design” of Arrito En. They took on Flow/Flux in order to pass through the “gateway” = ΛΗ.
Note: The symbol Rho symbolises “Flow”, since «ΟΗ» (pron. Rhoi) in Greek means Flow/Flux.
It is worth noting that only two Olympian code names contain the symbol (gateway):

Poseidon = «ΟΙΔΑ»,

who contains the pair of elements: Idor and Gaia


Apollo = «ΑΟΛΛΑ»,

who contains the pair of elements: Fire and Air.

Poseidon, the brother of DIAS, exists before the creation of OLYMPUS*. Apollo, the son of DIAS, is together with OLYMPUS. Each one contains a pair of elements that constitute the four elements of nature. In addition, each contains a pair of IOTA (two vertical IOTA connected at the symbol’s peak). From the gateway of entry and exit, the entry points and exit points always lead somewhere.

And so, all the forces and results of the forces within the ennead cluster of the 9 symbols belonging to , all passed through the gateway entering micron (the Wholeness, the Whole).

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