The more we break down and analyse, the more we will acknowledge that within them and in between them, new cosmic syntheses of cosmic-clusters exist and are continually created. These give us unique cosmic code syntheses, cosmic-code combinations and Nomoteleia code numbers. Their cosmic and code coincidences constantly lead us, confirm and prove that “Divine Design”, its inscription and the application of the entire divine Ellania Creation, is a perfect creation. It is a creation of hyper-technology and infinite of Infinity within INFINITY hyper-intellect, belonging to the imparticipable and hyper- cosmic Nous with infinite hyper-intelligent acts, applications and expressions. This is all ahead of the Whole, the future of Future and every Future that belongs to Infinity itself and the Whole Future of Infinity – within the future of Future. This is because the future of Future, the Whole, and the Future of the Whole, were created by “The One”, Arrito En.

Therefore, absolutely everything, the Whole and the Future of the Whole itself, is inscribed from the beginning until the end which is also the beginning of the Future, i.e. the future of Future.

So, the Future – complete-wholeness unit – contains anything created from the start until the next new beginning of the Future. Humans refer to the Future that they have experienced, as the past. However, it is actually a section solely of the Future. The Present is also the same concept, which determines exactly where you are situated on the cosmic pathway of the Future i.e. today and now. However, this is always within the initial and created cosmic Future. This Future is the entire “Divine Design” of the Ellania Creation of our Ellanios Cosmos 600.

Excerpt taken from the Sacred Ellanian Texts. DOWNLOAD FREE FROM HERE THE ELLANIOS COSMOS 600

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