If we were able to see each nebula of the heavenly firmament, we would remain astonished by the view. We would see wave and jet formations of bright, multi-coloured and gaseous clouds that burst everywhere and in every direction. This luminous image is obscured and hidden by black stripes without light and by dark and gaseous pellets that seem like cosmic bottomless pits. This is the environment of the birth of the fixed stars. It is an environment of creative and eternal climax that is directed from a huge and creative Dianoia that is responsible for every creation in our universe Artemis. This creative Dianoia and star of creation is SIRIUS, together with its entourage.

The rotational movements and interaction of these three stars (SIRIUS A, SIRIUS B, SIRIUS C) is what causes creation within the local universe. In other words, the birth of stars – and of course – the planets that revolve around them and house life as one creative Dianoia.

These three hyper-stars interact with one another, creating the stars, the planets and life. Anything that possesses the energy of life is connected with this energetic core. The “Canis burns” are energetic emissions of Canis Major (namely SIRIUS) which are vital for the energetic charge of our planet and for all living beings, especially for the Hellene human who is the tangible being of their universal womb. 

The alignment of SIRIUS during the three-day solstice enables our planet to receive the necessary energies for the reproduction of our natural environment. The immediate energetic contact of the Hyper-Ion SIRIUS with the Hellene humans, occurs during its Heliacal Rising i.e. the simultaneous sunrise of both SIRIUS and Phoebus (the sun) at the horizon, whose contact can be clearly felt. A vital Invocation (Epiclesis) for this Event (Dromenon) of the New Year has been written towards this creative force and Space-Time level, which is the genetic beginning of our genus.

It is not a coincidence that the photo-energetic spectrum of SIRIUS has a cyan-white colour, while its counterpart has an orange colour spectrum. Together, they emit an emerald visual spectrum – the colour of the Hellene humans’ Ichor.