Can you imagine all this hyper-cosmic magnificence of inconceivable perfection and inconceivable size, as well as the energy that it needs in order to function and continuously be maintained with unlimited sources of energy?? And I ask you Ellene human, as well as every apostate who lives and experiences within this magnificence of Light, of Idor, of the absolute infinite and unlimited source of energy and creation within our infinite of Infinity Ellanios Cosmos 600….
How is it possible that the human — the intelligent being, the 7th creation, the “Jewel” of the cosmoses — believes in all of these ridiculous, foolish and devious religions of the devious, ridiculous, apostate fiends of Chaos??? And not know and acknowledge all this tremendous and unique greatness of our Ellanios Cosmos 600 as well as all the imparticipable greatness of all the divine and creative hyper-entities of our divine Ellania Creation???

How is it possible that throughout the entire planet Gaia-Demeter-Artemis, the Ellene human takes part in dark, black, ridiculous, devious dogmas and sorceries, praising and worshiping dead-bones, objects and images of all these ridiculous, devious and inhuman apostates???

How is it possible that humans praise their oppressors, their murderers, the fiends of Chaos and the hybrid rotten corpses of the apostates, spreading apostatic lies as if it is the unique truth and wage war against all their brothers and sisters – their fellow humans because of these fake-gods??? You accepted all these ridiculous, devious, apostate and rotten demons as gods. These ridiculous and fake gods are just the junk of Chaos compared to the Ellene human. They are a cancer to any Space and Time of Ellania Creation.

Ellene human, what did you do??? How low did you allow these fiends to throw you into your oblivion and non-existence??? You??? Yes, YOU!!! Your Light and your Idor, your own liquid Light created you in order for you to be the light of the Light, the “Jewel of the Cosmoses” «ΚΟΣΜΗΜΑ ΤΩΝ ΚΟΣΜΩΝ»!!!!!!!!

Excerpt taken from the Sacred Ellanian Texts. DOWNLOAD FREE FROM HERE THE ELLANIOS COSMOS 600

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