Therefore, Abundance is Law and Immortality is Law belonging to the same complete-wholeness. They are reversed and different but bidirectional, contributing to creative and executive applications. Immortality has abundant Abundance, and Abundance is immortal. Abundance preserves the immortality of Immortality, while Immortality preserves the abundance of Abundance. As an absolute Law, Immortality, which already contains Abundance within its wholeness, creates and gives birth to Justness «ΔΙΚΙ». Ultimately, the Law Immortality gives birth to Justness.

Therefore, the Law gives birth to Justness. Justness is the absolute creation of Immortality, Abundance and their Law. Justness creates and gives birth to the Just Laws of Immortality and Abundance, where absolutely everything contains the complete- wholeness of divine Ellania Creation.

The Laws of Justness and the Justness of the Laws are a simultaneously creative and divine process, and the complete wholeness of their creation is self-protected. The Law gives birth to Justness and Justness gives birth to the Law of its Just self. The administration of Justness is executed with Just Laws of the Laws that belong to Justness. The initial Law gave birth to Justness with the absolute precision of all the meanings of the creative complete-wholeness of divine Creation, or the Ellene Politeia of the Ellene humans.

Excerpt taken from the Sacred Ellanian Texts. Download free from here  33 ELLANIA PROTOCOLS PLUS 2 LAWS