The Olympian HERMES is also entirely alone and unique; even more than the others. At the same time though, he is also within the synthesis and connection of absolutely everything. Essentially, he is in the primordial composition and structure of everything for the composition of everything in turn. HERMES is the composition and appearance/manifestation of the Laws so that everything may exist and be composed in accordance with the Laws of the entire Divine Design. And for this reason, he must be alone and unique, but also be within everything of the Whole and within their whole of the Whole.

Apart from the infinite creative applications of his sub-attributes and hyper-attributes that he applies within the entire and whole Creation of everything, regarding the entire composition and synthesis of the 12 of OLYMPUS, HERMES is essentially the Laws of the composition and construction of OLYMPUS itself, of its complete wholeness. He is also the Laws of the complete wholeness Creation that OLYMPUS will wholly create as an absolute and unique wholeness unit I for the complete wholeness unit of its 9 NINE (En Nea) Ellania Creation.

Excerpt taken from the Sacred Ellanian Texts. DOWNLOAD FREE FROM HERE


PAGES 10 – 11