IOTA is YOU! The magnificent asset of victory. The “prize” of all the creative forces and of all Creation. IOTA is ready to stand alone, autonomous and be revealed for all to see. The perfect creation.

In addition, IOTA is the pillar, the universal foundation, the pillar of DIAS. That is what you are: the pillar of DIAS. As a creation of the universal foundation, you are the pillar. Of course, the IOTA creation doesn’t only apply to the human being. In Creation, IOTA creations are the suns, planets, galaxies, solar systems etc. All of these are independent and autonomous creations. Just like you, the human!

From the perspective of Creation, all humans together as a unit are a IOTA creation. Also, every human individually is – once again – a single IOTA. All creations are IOTA and all of them together are one IOTA of the Whole, of Wholeness.

Since we have reached the symbol IOTA, it is important to have a closer look at how it is written:

It contains:
1) OMEGA « »

2) Tau «» (where Creation stood tall through «»)
3) and then the ALPHA «» entities.

In conclusion, we have (IOTA) (OMEGA) (Tau) and (ALPHA).

They are all ready and in absolutely everything. All the symbols and seals of are everywhere. All that is left is to connect the final link and place the end result, the IOTA creation – that belongs to all the creational forces of Creation – into an eternal movement and within the Wholeness.

Excerpt taken from the Sacred Ellanian Texts. DOWNLOAD FREE FROM HERE


PAGES 20 – 21