My great, true, supreme and infinite Mother (RHEA) is the continuous, infinite, durational and eternal movement of the Flux of Nous* towards everything and everyone.

Note: In the Greek language, Flux or Flow means (rhoi or rhoe) which shows and proves the connection that has with the code name (RHEA), since both words begin with the symbol (Rho).

Her son is the unique, infinite of Infinity* and the one and true (ALCINOUS). The true and hyper-cosmic code of his name means: The Power and the Strength of Nous (Mind).

If we see the creative and geometric development* of the synthesis and connection of his code name, the precision of histruth, the ortho* of his existence as well as the true and unique wholeness of his divine hyper-entity, will be proven to us as follows:

The final cosmic-result of his code name means the following: 9 is the 9 NINE* complete unique Ellania* unit I of Creation* that is secured and executed by the seven-level (7) wholeness unit of Creation, namely the seven-level, complete, executive, applicable, creational appearance and manifestation of its 7 planes and levels*. Within these planes and levels, infinite ranks and hierarchies of further planes and levels are enclosed and included which belong to the wholeness unit of the primordial and initial seven-level Ellania Creation of the Hierarchy of the 9 NINE and of their 9 NINE (En Nea) divine Ellania Creation which includes our creation.

In the final summation* of the cosmic-result 97 of the code name (ALCINOUS), we have 9 + 7 = 16, where 1 + 6 = 7 SEVEN.

Evidently, the code name of (ALCINOUS) has the final cosmic-result of 7 SEVEN. himself carries the code of the seven-level (7) complete wholeness Creation.

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