Continuing on with the breakdown and analysis of the pan-sacred Ellanian code of Creation 13 THIRTEEN, I am obligated to state (so that you can come as close as possible to your understanding) that 13 are also the months of 1 Ellanian year.

12 months contain 27 days and the 1 ruling month contains 36 days, that is, 12 + 1 or 1 + 12 = 13 THIRTEEN.

We see the creative inscriptions of 13, the 13th everywhere, in everyone and everything – who for the humans is the unknown Creator, “The One”, He who does not have a name, OMEGA Himself. Each astro cycle of the 7 complete and primordial creations that belong to 7 seven-level* Ellanian Creation contain 13 ASTRO CYCLES. (See: 7th Plane and Level of DIAS in the Glossary)
The creative inscriptions in the universal space of Space of:
The astro cycle of the Mammals (Zodia) are 13 THIRTEEN
The astro cycle of the Fish (Psadia) are 13 THIRTEEN
The astro cycle of the Plants (Fidia) are 13 THIRTEEN
The astro cycle of the Reptiles (Erpedia) are 13 THIRTEEN
The astro cycle of the Birds (Ptidia) are 13 THIRTEEN
The astro cycle of the Insects (Entodia) are 13 THIRTEEN
Absolutely everything is inscribed and applied with creative, Nomoteleian and true expression in accordance with 13 THIRTEEN. Upon and within them, they all bear the pan-sacred 13 THIRTEEN,

“The One”, the 13th OMEGA Himself.

There are thousands of pieces of evidence and true facts in regards to the unique truth of 13 THIRTEEN and OMEGA Himself. 13 are the appearances and cycles of the moon in 1 earth year of 360 days. 13 moons complete 1 earth year. “Do you think this is all by chance? There is no such thing as chance otherwise all the planets would have collided with each other and been destroyed millions of years ago”.

All female humans have 13 menstrual cycles on Gaia–Demeter– Artemis*, on the earthly plane and level* of our hydor* based and Nomoteleian Ellanian Creation deriving from the ALPHAS and OMEGA.

Ellene human, from here on, I am sure you have started to perceive the structure of true existence that adheres to 13 and that within and upon you, the 13th (OMEGA Himself) is inscribed and executes creatively, absolutely and truly. Moreover, everything around you adheres to this absolute and pan- sacred code arithmos 13 THIRTEEN, which is the sacred code of your true Ellanian Creation deriving from the ALPHAS and OMEGA. Can you now realise that when you insult, desecrate or distort any truth of 13, you are essentially insulting, desecrating, distorting and misrepresenting your own true self, your own true existence and Ellanian Creation deriving from the ALPHAS and OMEGA?

Ellene human, can you perceive that in our entire universe and in our entire and creative Ellanian environment – visible and invisible – everything and everyone is created according to the sacred code 13. Absolutely everything around you bears OMEGA the 13th, “The One”.

Excerpt taken from the Sacred Ellanian Texts. DOWNLOAD FREE FROM HERE THE COSMIC HELIACAL ORALOI

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