It is not by chance that the days Deftera (Monday), Triti (Tuesday), Tetarti (Wednesday), Pempti (Thursday), Paraskevi (Friday), Savvato (Saturday) and Kyriaki (Sunday) have been imposed on us in every length and breadth of our planet. The week begins with Deftera / Monday (referring to the second type – hybrid, that which was made with stolen essence and forces from Creation*, the apostates* and the fiends named this the second creation) the creation second (deftero) till Thursday (Pempti – fifth) which is the apostate fifth tribe dominating the apostasy and dynasty of our planet Gaia.

Paraskevi (Friday) meaning preparation – is whatever they prepare: their spells, witchcraft and magic and whatever their master Yahweh (Jehovah) and the apostate team prepare for Savvato (Saturday), the day dedicated to Saturn (Kronos), in order to celebrate their apostasy and success against Creation and all its creations every week on Savvato (Saturday). This is done with rituals, sacrifices, witchcraft, flesh, blood, curses, freak sacramental rites, apostate implants and other insidious crafts and ceremonies.

Saturday, the day dedicated to Saturn/Kronos the time of massive, complete apostasy and their downfall from the true Creation of ALPHA OMEGA ΑΩ is the time they perform, surrender, glorify, praise and register with their master.

Kyriaki (Sunday), which is the day of the sun, they do not have a sun like humans do. They praise, glorify and serve their black suns, depicted in their symbols, black suns and black waters. On Sunday, which has been imposed upon us and after their six procedures (from Monday/Deftera-second till Saturday/Savvato), they surrender humans to their black suns, and we faithfully follow with our will and own volition without knowing the truth and what exactly is being done.

Find one old ancient text from at least one historian that refers to Deftera, Triti, Tetarti, Pempti, Paraskevi, Savvato and Kyriaki – not translations by allogeneic apostates, but handwritten proof by any or at least one wise writer, historian, Ellene scholar. Surely, did the days not have names then?