Initially, all Ellene humans have to know that the code numbers, and the totals of the 600 gateways of our Ellanios Cosmos 600, are not just cosmic-gateways with infinite cosmic and creative processes. They are grand, sacred, coded and creative cosmic-frequencies.

There are 600 initial and sacred cosmic-frequencies: from the 1st to the 600th gateway or cosmic-frequency. When each one of the 600 frequencies divide the complete-wholeness and unit 600 of the 600 cosmic-frequencies, then the creation of cosmic breakdowns, cosmic fusions and cosmic syntheses arise.

This is when countless, new, sacred, creative and cosmic coded frequencies appear in each gateway. The cosmic-syntheses in each one of the 600 gateways are infinite of Infinity.

Through their syntheses, a new cosmos is created within our Ellanios Cosmos 600. They structure and combine, synthesise and connect all of the other infinite cosmic-frequencies of the 600 gateways for the purpose of the task, application, expression and appearance of the entire “Divine Design” that has been inscribed from the initial beginning for our Ellanios Cosmos 600.

Within the sacred code results of the 600 initial cosmic-frequencies that result from the 600 gateways, we see the foundation and appearance of complete-wholeness frequencies as well as different code number combinations that compose these cosmic-frequencies belonging to the Ellanios Cosmos 600.

Every sacred code that develops in our final code result, is itself a unique cosmic-frequency. Its cosmic synthesis and fusion, with one or more code numbers (or arithmoi), continually composes infinite of Infinity within INFINITY distinct, sacred and coded cosmic-frequencies which belong to the overall composition of our Ellanios Cosmos 600 and within its overall complete wholeness creation which lies within our Cosmos 600.

Excerpt taken from the Sacred Ellanian Texts. DOWNLOAD FREE FROM HERE


PAGES 82 – 83