Now I would like to focus here for a moment. You see how a second (deftero) of a minute is ‘second’ and it is just one of the 60 seconds in a minute of the hour and it is always ‘second’? A second can never be a minute, nor first (proto). It will always be ‘second’ (do you now understand Deftera/Monday? Deftero meaning second – what exactly is the second?) Of course, the second is the of the minute, of the hour, of the day, of the week, of the month, of the 1 one year, of the 100 years, a thousand, of the Micro Year Cycle (pron. Mikros Eniaftos) of 26,500 years which is part of the Mega Year Cycle (pron. Megalos Eniaftos) of 130,000 years.

Therefore, the second of a minute has the substance and is within the structure, construction, synthesis and connection of complete Nomoteleia Creation – so far so good. The second of the minute distances itself, and filled with vanity and ridiculousness wants to become a minute, hour, day, month, week, year, year cycle (Eniaftos) and so on. However, it cannot do this on its own. So it calumniates other seconds but also a few minutes, which are also disease-stricken with vanity, greed and curiosity, to follow the apostatic and insane plan of the second.

Of course, we must say that Creation has infinite of Infinity* seconds, minutes, infinite Micro and Mega Year Cycles, and other infinite timeless universal measurements and it replaces and creates whatever it wants, needs and whenever it is necessary by means of the infinite universal “triad of cognition/intellect (Noesis)” i.e. Noesi – Noiseos – Noesis

The moment somebody or something breaks the chain of the Nomoteleia equation and the Laws–Oaths, it leaves and is proclaimed downfallen, outside Nomoteleia Creation and all its forces. There is no source for the downfallen.

Now, the downfallen second develops an alliance with whatever downfallen exists, since it has no other solution for its survival, and it makes an effort in every way without limits, boundaries, Laws–Oaths to bring whatever creation belonging to Creation, which happens to cross its path, to its own level in order to create apostasy, betrayals and all its diseased exchanges and promised false Values so it can have energy and access to the sources of the creation.

The creation must do this of their own volition and free will, otherwise it would be an attack on the creation of Creation and the security forces of Creation will make the downfallen apostates disappear. Thus, this must always happen with the volition of the creations (in this case, the other seconds and minutes).

In this way, they construct the second, Deftera/Monday. Far below at the second, the apostates open a huge time bubble and collectively begin to construct their fake time. Whatever they deceive and contaminate with vanity, envy, pain, passion, greed, bigotry and all their goodies, are included using their own oaths, rituals and other apostatic crafts with forces they have appropriated and fraudulently stolen from the creations belonging to the one and only Nomoteleia Creation of ALPHA OMEGA.

Excerpt taken from the Sacred Ellanian Texts. DOWNLOAD FREE FROM HERE


PAGES 7 – 8