Ellene humans, can you see what it means? Truth is Justness, and Justness is Truth.

Humans make the lie and injustice as the purpose of their Justice. They live and fight with rage for this pseudo purpose without caring about the truth. They can see the truth, but they choose not to. It almost terrifies and scares them. This happens due to the thousands of vile apostate implantations and scarring that they have received from the apostates, religions and priesthoods with their own volition. However, intellect and Free-Will are solely theirs.

So many unjust wars that have been conducted with pseudo and misleading purposes, where one human soldier kills another without any truth or Justness. This is a result of a pseudo apostate purpose, which the humans call Justice. So, both sides of the war had their Justness, and they both fought for their Justness. However, no side had any truth and the truth of Justness. They were all being killed for the same injustice, adopting it as their Justness. According to what is happening today in Ellas (Greece) with Artemis Sorras and the Political Body “Ellinon Syneleysis – E.SY*”, where the Justice System of the apostates and priesthoods constructs a pseudo purpose for the prosecution of Artemis Sorras and all fellow Ellenes, do you see any consideration of the truth and Justness? On the contrary! From a distance, some humans are glad when their unjust Justice System unjustly trials us for non-existent issues, giving us court convictions.

And I ask, why does someone find pleasure? Because he supported his Justness? His truth? Did you see anyone care about the truth or Justness from thousands of people involved in this system and their significant collaboration? Instead, they are glad that they beat you with their injustice. Think about this and compare it so you can understand and realise that truth is Justness and that truth is an absolute and unique unit Ι.

Excerpt taken from the Sacred Ellanian Texts. DOWNLOAD FREE FROM HERE 33 ELLANIA PROTOCOLS PLUS 2 LAWS

PAGES 94 – 95