“This is why the apostatic fiends of Chaos baptise you as their servant with their black worships, witchcraft, dark magic and with all the implantations and scarring they imposed upon you, making you think they are yours and that you need them; just like they imposed their wretched and apostatic worms of Chaos as your Gods and creators.”

Note: “Implantation” and “Scarring” here mean that they “traumatised you” (scar) and put lies within you (implanted) through cruel apostatic mechanisms. They imposed mercy upon you and made you a beggar. And now, as a servant, beggar, mendicant waste, you ask for mercy and charity from your oppressors and the vile, wretched arch-demon, fiend and tainted entity of Chaos Yahweh (or Jehovah), with all of his alliance in order for him to feel sorry for you and give you mercy… Good grief! What have you done Ellene human? What have you allowed to eventuate??? Have you realised your current situation?

As I am writing, I am becoming angered with all of this!!! But most of all, I am angered with you. I could write for an entire century revealing everything wretched, devious and ridiculous they have imposed upon you — but also — about you who has accepted these as the only truth and put them into practice! You are continuously dragged through the oblivion of your non-existence, always ready to fight and even give your own life and bios* for this huge lie, all this rotten knowledge and for all your fake time (matrix), non-existent life and bios!!!


PAGES 52-53