Therefore, after this breakdown and analysis including the analyses and breakdowns in all the other Sacred Ellania Texts written, all Ellene humans must comprehend and acknowledge exactly who and what the 12 Olympians are!! They must never allow anyone to insult, mock, defile, misinterpret them or damage and deteriorate their supreme cosmic greatness, their infinite cosmic and universal magnificence and their infinite cosmic, divine and Ellania Creation. Even when you refer to them as “Gods”, you devalue them, lower them and taint them!

The Ellania Olympians are exclusively OLYMPIANS!!! And are right at the top and the peak of the ranks and hierarchies of divinities and Theogony*!! They are truly and uniquely known as the 12 Olympians. The sacred synthesis of “OLYMPUS” is everywhere and in everything. The dodecahedron synthesis of “OLYMPUS” is represented within all natural spaces of our Ellania Creation and on all planets of our Ellania Cosmokratoria belonging to our Ellanios Cosmos . It is represented in many specific, absolute and creative geodetic areas on all planets, in every solar system, in every galaxy and in every universe located within our Ellanios Cosmos .

Even on our planet Gaia-Demeter-Artemis, we have numerous sacred geodetic sites, sacred mountains and sacred elevations. The highest elevation, where “OLYMPUS” has its cathedra, is Olympus (the mountain in Ellas). It is our sacred mountain. However, we also have Olympia in Ilia (known as the “Archaeological site of Olympia”), where both sites are identical and contain OLYMPUS. Another sacred site is the mountain in Crete named “Psiloritis” (also known as Mount Ida) and it is also OLYMPUS. Again, in Cyprus, a mountain with the name “Olympus” exists. Other areas include Peru and Machu Picchu which all contain the same OLYMPUS. India has an Olympus; East Asia has an Olympus and Africa has an Olympus. Even the planet Mars (Ares) has an Olympus. OLYMPUS and the 12 Olympian and powerful hyper- forces – equal to the initial 12 pentahedron pyramids – exist everywhere and these compose and connect our Ellanios Cosmos into an absolute and complete-wholeness unit 1.


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