In this way they take Time and live parallel with Creation because they do not have Time – they are downfallen from Creation. You not only give them Time from your Cosmic Life, but also whatever is enclosed within your Time and life – your life experience. And you give it to them with your own free will. And they live and exist in the Space of your creation to oppress you and to always lead you towards your oblivion so that you are always living in their fake time bubble – stationary and stable, as an endless energy source for these miasmatic fiends, the apostates.

Thousands of years outside the structure, strength, abilities and the ascent of the aim and purpose of your Creation. Why are you in this virtual reality? In your hands, you hold this innate and creative Timeless-Time. You possess everything! What exactly are you doing with the apostates?

Now you understand why they have imposed the first day of the week as being the second day of the week (Monday / Deftera meaning second), which has 7 days and 7 being the 7th level of DIAS*, the seventh. Furthermore, ALPHA OMEGA has seven lines and levels until the seventh level. And the week of 7 days starts with the ‘second’ type, with Monday (Deftera meaning second). You have yet to understand what they have done to you and how this exists on your entire planet and throughout your whole life and that you reproduce this and impose it upon your children, your offspring.

Excerpt taken from the Sacred Ellanian Texts. DOWNLOAD FREE FROM HERE THE THIEVES OF TIME

PAGES 9 – 10